Ice Machine

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Ice Machine - Performance Check Program

Pro-active maintenance helps keep equipment running at optimum efficiency and limits the number of breakdowns at a location.  Specific challenges arise for all equipment types that require extra attention.  Ice machines in particular, can challenge operators in a number of ways.

Ice Machine Program

Ice Machines Program Brochure

Customer Operating Challenges:

  • Mold in ice bin causing possible cross contamination and poor taste quality
  • Water trough clogged with mold and scale causing inefficient operation of ice machine
  • Ice thickness probe scaled up with lime causing frozen evaporators and machine not to operate correctly
  • Dirty condenser coils can cause inefficient operations and long-term damage to the equipment

The Ecolab Solution:

Performance Check Program

  • Check compressor discharge line to ensure operating temperature is within specifications
  • Clean coils and sanitize ice bins
  • Delime ice machine thoroughly
  • Change water filters regularly

And More

  • On-site kitchen staff training on regular cleaning procedures
  • Same Day Service for emergency repairs